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Early on...

I started my journey in the 1990’s on an 8088 writing batch scripts and learning assembly language. I stumbled across an amazing kernel debugger called SoftICE of which changed everything, this was my first venture into reverse engineering.

Since then, I became a professional programmer in a variety of languages from C/C++ to C# to Python. I spent many years in the military and working in DoD environments that transitioned me into a Cybersecurity mindset which led me into security focused programmer positions.


In more recent years I moved into full Cybersecurity work. I’ve been in positions where I have been wearing all the hats in small Cybersecurity teams and have now moved into more focused Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) work.

Malware Reverse Engineering and Threat Research

My focus now is on threat research and becoming a better reverse engineer of Malware. The intent of this blog site is to stay focused on that specifically and to post my notes and learnings along the way as I progress.